Pet Advice


Have a behavioral issue?

Kitty not using the litter box?

You can check out these resources for some great behavioral advice;

Pet Behavior Library – Mending Spirits Animal Rescue
Pet behavior library | Animal Humane Society
Cat Behavior Virtual Library | Cat Behavior | Humane Society of Sonoma County (

Wondering what food to feed?

Here are some resources on cat foods recommended by veterinarians;

Feeding Your Cat | Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
12 Best Vet-Approved Cat Foods of 2023 – Vetstreet | Vetstreet

Food we use;

Kittens (1 year and under) – IAMS Kitten (dry), Fancy Feast Kitten (wet), Tiny Tiger (wet)
Adults (1 year and over) – Purina Sensitive Skin and Stomach (dry), Rachel Ray (wet), Fancy Feast (wet)
Treats – Churus (lickable), Greenies dental, Temptations